From the Pastor

You’ve maybe been around church life long enough to know that when the word stewardship comes up, we’re not just supposed to think about money. Stewardship is meant to be about taking care of all of our resources – shepherding our time and our talents, and so on.

But what actually happens when the word stewardship comes up, is that we do think about money. It’s probably not our fault. Churches have their fall stewardship drives where they are focused on their budgets for the coming year. You are asked to fill out a commitment card with your estimate of giving for the following year.

So, it can be hard for us to refocus and think about stewardship in a broader sense. That’s why I like the passage from 1
Peter 4:8-11, which mentions the word “stewards.” But this Bible passage is not about money. "Above all, maintain constant love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one another without complaining. Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. Whoever speaks must do so as one speaking the very words of God; whoever serves must do so with the strength that God supplies, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ.” I really like that way of putting it – to imagine ourselves as stewards of the grace of God. That is about sharing God’s love and mercy. It could be sharing God’s love through our financial giving. But it also says that in our speaking, we are speaking as if it is God’s word, that in our serving, we are seeing ourselves serve in the strength that God supplies.

The purpose of so living and so serving is not just to make a church budget work, but so that God himself is glorified. How different might stewardship campaigns be if congregations saw themselves as "stewards of the grace of God." How are we managing God's grace? How are we making God’s grace known to our neighbors near and far? I think that is the purpose of stewardship.

Yes, money is necessary for much of what a church does, and Bethany is no exception. But the impact becomes multiplied a hundredfold when our lives reflect God’s grace so that his grace is channeled through us and into the lives near and far of those we touch.

In Christ,
Pastor Janet


Plan for the BLCW Rummage Sale

Don’t forget the Bethany Rummage Sale when you are doing your fall house cleaning! We accept everything except electronics. Last year we did quite well with our vintage things and plants, so keep those items in mind. Our rummage sale is May 4, 2019. “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”


Quilting is the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month! All are welcome, being a seamstress is not necessary. There are jobs for everyone!

State of the Congregation Finances
By Jay

We invite you to a special presentation by council member Jay Jenkins, informing you of our current budget situation and what we anticipate will be our needs and concerns for the future. Jay will present on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 6:00 PM, for our church school families, and Sunday, Oct. 7, 9:30 AM, in between the two services. We hope for lively participation from everyone!
Thank you seems so inadequate to express our thanks to all who collected items or gave me money to buy the items for the school kits. Your generosity is overwhelming! A special thank you to Betty Frantsvog who has sewn all the bags and to all who put cords in them. The Wednesday night church school kids and parents will pack them Oct 10. We will give you a total after that. Many children will be able to go to school because of your gifts. Please continue God’s work by praying for the recipients of all these kits. Thanks again.

Sue Taft

Aug/Sept 2018 Memorials:

In Memory of Blake Johnson
Technology from Judy Johnson.

In Memory of
Corky Latendresse
Undesignated from Gordon & Julie Rollman.
Music from Mary Sather.

In Memory of
Viola Olson
Choir from Greg & Susan Johnson.

In Memory of
Karn Stevick
Undesignated from Kim Gray, Linda Thronson,
Paul & Marilyn Teslow.

In Memory of
Ron Nesheim
Undesignated from LaVonne Brayson, Peter &
Laurel Thunshelle.

In Memory of
Claire Mathistad
Choir from Robert & Sheila Turner, Kathryn Swanson, Don & Joyce Anderson, Bryan & Nadine Holmly, Boyd & Phyllis Hanson, Peter & Terryl Eikren, Joel & Sonja Hernes, Alma Lee, Duane & Sharlene Tollefson, Gene & Elaine Fedorenko, Steve & Kari Files, Westlie Motor Company.

September Ministerial Acts



September Offering

02 $5,206 12 $228
09 $5,071 16 $5,822
19 $1,168 23 $
26 $ 30 $
Online Giving $5,625
Thrivent Choice $0

Updated Pledge Offerings thru 9/18/2018
Budget Anticipated Pledges $292,973.
Actual Received Pledges $277,315.
Negative Difference of ($15,658)
Bethany is encouraging online giving with sign
up forms being the Narthex or Church office.

If you like the feel of the pledge envelope in your hand—you can simply write “I give online” on the outside! Any questions, please call office.

Bethany Lutheran Foundation
To benefit the ministry of
Bethany Lutheran Church
now and to sustain it for
future generations
For more information - call church office

3 Year Olds – 2nd Grade Sing
October 17, 2018
at the 6:45pm W.O.W. Service

Pastor Janet’s Joke of the Month
A pastor was ill one Sunday morning, so a guest preacher was called to lead worship. In his opening remarks the preacher said, “You know, a substitute preacher is like a piece of carboard in a broken window. He fills the space, but after all, he’s not the real glass.” After the service, a woman approached the preacher, trying to pay him a compliment. “You weren’t a replacement after all. You were a real pane!”

Metigoshe Upcoming Events

Scrapbookin’ Blues Retreat

October 11-13 2018 from 10am Thursday until 5pm Saturday. Cost is $145.00. There is a $10.00 discount if registered by Oct 4th 2018!

Grand Get-Away

October 26-28 2018 from 7pm Friday until 10:30 am Sunday. Cost is $145.00 per Grandparent/Grandchild pair; $65.00 for each additional attendee.

Hammering Out Faith with Dad

November 2-4 2018 to 7:00 pm Friday 11:00 am Sunday. (For children ages 8-12) Cost is $140.00/pair


Services of the Dakota Hope Clinic

  1. Telephone hotline to assist anyone dealing with a pregnancy or sexual health issue
  2. Pregnancy medical services, including pregnancy testing and limited ultrasound exams
  3. Counseling and education regarding pregnancy and parenting options, with appropriate referral to medical providers and community agencies
  4. Counseling, information, and referral for sexually transmitted infections or other sexual health issues
  5. Prenatal, parenting, and sexual integrity classes that allow clients to earn diapers, clothing, and other material necessities
  6. Community education for sexual health
  7. Resources and training for parents and educators
  8. Resources, counseling, and referral for pregnancy loss, including loss from miscarriage, abortion or infant death
  9. Support for parents who receive a concerning pre-natal or post-natal diagnosis.


The Minot Area Men’s Winter Refuge will be having a fund-raiser dinner and quilt auction in February. Anyone who would like to make a quilt is invited to do so. Bethany quilters have fabric, (lots of baby flannel), backing and batting we would love to you! Just ask Sue Taft or Marie Meier please!
Quilts are to consist of a pieced top, new batting of polyester or any weight batting you prefer to work with, and a plain or pieced back, tied or quilted. Do not write on or sew labels to quilt. Pin an index card to quilt, with name individual, group or church who made it, address, phone number and name of quilt if it has one.
Approximate sizes – adjust as you will.
Baby 30x40 inches
Crib 36x52 inches
Throw 50x65 inches
Twin 60x85 inches
Twin XL 60x85 inches
Full 84x90 inches
Queen 86x90 inches
King 90x102 inches


Domestic Violence Crisis Center
October Cause of the Month

Our cause of the month is mission support for Domestic Violence Crisis Center. Use the global mission envelope in your offering box to support this cause. DVCC provides comprehensive services in a four-county area in north-central North Dakota. The counties DVCC serves are: Ward (including the Minot Air Force Base), Pierce, McHenry, and Renville. Their mission is to reduce Domestic Violence by educating the public about its effect and the company overview is to provide services to victims and their families of domestic violence and sexual assault. Phone: 701-852-2258 or email:


On Sept 15th, I attended my first Turtle Mountain Cluster luncheon, along with about 18 other women from Bethany. Our BLCW ladies were hosting and the gathering was well attended my many area ELCA church women.
We began our day with the Glenburn women serving us delicious breads and muffins. Each church was asked to furnish a quilt and each person was to furnish an item for the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry.
Pastor Janet led the worship service and communion with everyone being asked to share some of their reasons for giving.
Our speaker for the day was a local ND gal. Singer, songwriter & Life Coach, Cari Flory, shared her spiritual journey with us as she was plunged into darkness due to events in her life that she had no control over – periods of time where she was filled with deep hurts, anger, grief, resentment and unforgiveness. She questioned her faith and wondered where her God was – the God she had always loved & worshiped. She shared how, as she peeled away the layers & did a lot of soul searching, she realized her God had never left her. She just had to be willing to face the darkness, listen to God and allow healing & personal growth to happen. She ended the session by sharing her beautiful voice with a song.
Our morning ended with a beautifully displayed and delicious lunch served by the BLCW, which was enjoyed by all.
After lunch there was break-out session for the officers and that concluded our gathering.
In the future, if I get the opportunity to attend another cluster meeting, I most certainly will – and you should too!

Mary Sather


Bible Presentations

On October 10th the 5 year olds and the 3rd graders will be given their own personal Bibles. Please have your child at the 6:45pm WOW worship to receive their Bible.


LYO in September

10/3 7:15pm Great Bethany Bake Off
9:30am Coffee Hour
7:15pm Pinterest Power Hour with Shelley
9:30am Coffee Hour
7:15pm Bible Study
10/18-20 ……….. WND Synod LYO Gathering-
Bismarck 9-12
th Grade
9:30am Coffee Hour
7:15pm Chat’n Chew with Krista Mathistad
9:30am Coffee Hour
7:15pm No LYO Happy Halloween
Remember Turkey Dinner this

The LYO is looking for donations to support our upcoming Turkey Dinner on Sunday, November 4th. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year and not
possible without you. Your support will help students to attend the 2021 ELCA Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, Metigoshe Ministries Summer Camp, or WND Synod Youth Gatherings. We are looking for donations of canned cranberries, boxed stuffing, canned corn, butter, milk, potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cool whip, lemonade, buns, cooked turkeys, and uncooked turkeys (Donna can cook 10 at the church). Cooked turkeys should be brought to the church on the morning of Nov. 4th, and other donations should be at the church by Nov. 2nd. Sign-ups will be passed around at services or contact the church office. We will be serving from 9:30-12:30 on the 4th. Thank you for your continued support!


Saturday, October 6
Minot Municipal Auditorium!
Servant Ministries to begin a new session in October

Servant Ministries is a group of Bethany members that gather on three Thursday evenings to discuss a book and grow in faith together. This session we will be gathering on October 18th and 25th plus one session on November 1st. Our book this time will be “From Depths We Rise” by Sarah Rodriguez. In this book we walk along-side Sarah in her true-life story as she shares the loss of her child and husband, and from those ashes a journey of beauty in faith arises. We will once again attempt to get the author to answer questions via an on-line interview on November 1st. Even if you have never joined this discussion in the past, please consider how we can be strengthened through sharing our life experiences that we have in common. Sarah has developed a program entitled “Choose Joy Project” centered in random acts of kindness to honor her late husband. Books can be picked up at the office after October 5th, cost will be $12. All are welcome, please consider.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Hostfest!


Pastor Appreciation Sunday!
The BLCW is inviting everyone to attend Pastor Appreciation coffee hour at 9:30am Sunday October 21, 2018. You are welcome to bring cards!

Global Church Sunday – Oct. 14

Each year, more than 225 ELCA missionaries, including Young Adults in Global Mission, serve in more than 40 countries around the world. Our own western North Dakota companion synod is the Central African Republic. Through the years, our congregation has helped out with the Village Education project, and clean water wells for local villages. Join us for a special worship emphasis on Oct. 14. Our music will contain a global flavor.


Upcoming G.I.F.T.S. Events
October 6, 2018
Registration begins at 8:30 Event 9:00-3:00 “The Gospel of Luke” Lectionary Year C Rev. Dr. Troy Troftgruben, Wartburg Theological Seminary @ First Lutheran Church, Minot
February 2, 2019
Registration begins at 8:30 Event 9:00-3:00 “Agile Church” Rev. Dr. Dwight Zscheile, Luther Seminary @ Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bismarck


Ministry of Care Notes

Grocery Gift cards will be given out at Thanksgiving and Christmas to those in need. If you know of someone to be considered please let the office know. Thank you!

Gospel Seeds - October 2018
A Monthly Update from Western ND Synod Staff

As a synod, we have entered into a pilot project with Luther Seminary called Leadership for Faithful Innovation. Seven congregations have agreed to dig deeply into this process, to see what we can learn through Bible Study, Prayer, Deep Listening and Holy Experimenting where God might be leading the church. This is a faith-filled process, with deep and honest conversation. I wonder what God might be up to through it?
Much of what we have engaged with in the process so far is nothing new – it relies deeply on Bible Study and Prayer. We have been engaging a familiar tool – Dwelling in the Word. A practice of reading a scripture text, spending a time in silence, listening to the same text again followed by a time of silence. Those present are invited to talk about what stuck out to them in the text, what surprised them in the text and what questions the text raised.
I am amazed at the insights people share through this process. This process honors the fact that no matter your age, no matter your level of Biblical knowledge, no matter your educational level or anything else – God’s Word speaks to us. I have been blessed through this process.
Something new we have been introduced to is a process called Dwelling in the World. This process holds scripture in one hand and our personal calendar in the other. The questions are a bit different – it might include a question like, “When has God used you to provide comfort to another?” or “When has God used someone else to provide comfort to you?”
Dwelling in the World helps us be on the lookout for God at work in our lives and in our world. It is about mindfulness – helping us realize that by the power of the Holy Spirit, God is still at work in the world.
I am not certain how this three-year process will unfold. At same time I am certain that as we grow in faith and awareness of God’s presence congregations will be strengthened.


Bethany Birthday’s!

2nd –Zoe Hodenfield
rd –Viona Mindt, Samuel Richter
th –David Anderson, Sharlene Tollefson
th –Barbara Anderson, Christine Thompson
th –Michelle Bower
th –Ethan Bennett, Ariah Evanoff,
C Stuart Larson, London Opperude,
Julie Thrailkill
th –Ben Berg, Max Howard

9th –Faith Miltenberger

10th –Margaret Fix, Betty Frey, Cheri Knorr,
Payton Schell
th –Kinley Brentrup, Thomas Flanagan,
Grace Walker
th –Jace Olander, Shanon Polsfut,
Lesley Walker, Jasmine Wallin
th –Jessica Grunewald,
Jennifer Malachowski, Tyler Wold,
Breanna Zietz
th –Pat Duchscherer, Grace Flanagan,
Barbara Gehring, Tanner Mehl,
Steven Pederson
th –Lauren Ballantyne, Melissa Field,
Parker Hummel
th –Adeline Bergeron, Kyla Fisher,
Theodore Marsh
th –Elias Flanagan, Kathryn Swanson
th –Audrey Stevick
st –Charlotte Hill
nd –Cameron Abel, Dawsyn Williams
th –Brody Nelson
th –Duane Aase, Dakota Larson,
Robbie Opperude, Cody Randash,
Donna Schonberger
th –Jordan Thompson
th –Eloise Burckhard
th –Laura Berg, Jay Grosz, Edward Steier
th –Dalyce Leslie, David Myers,
InDee Thunshelle
th –Kendra Klimpel, Jerry Sanden
st–Ariel Presky, Kalli Schell, Harold Stolt