215 3rd Ave SE, MINOT, ND, 58701
Pastors: Janet Hernes Mathistad & Gerald Roise
Organist: Deacon Kari Files, Intern David Myers

Transfiguration of Our LordMarch 3, 2019
* Standing, for those who are able
Sanctuary Choir (8:30), Sanctuary Choir (10:30)
Welcome & Announcements
* Confession and Forgiveness
P: Blessed be the Holy Trinity, one God, Father, + Son, and Holy Spirit, who creates us and forms us, who redeems us and calls us, who unites us and sends us. C: Amen
P: Gathered in God’s presence, let us confess our sin.
Silence is kept for reflection.
P: Mighty and loving God, C: we confess that we are captive to sin and cannot free ourselves. We seek our own way. We divide the body of Christ. In your mercy, cleanse us and heal us. Let the words of our mouths, the thoughts of our hearts, and everything that we do be filled with faith, hope, and love. Amen
P: Hear the voice of Jesus: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to proclaim release to the captives.” In the name of + Jesus Christ, I proclaim to you that your sins are forgiven and you are released. The joy of the Lord is your strength, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are yours forever! C: Amen
*Hymn: “All Are Welcome” Hymn 641
P: In the name of God the Creator of the world In the name of Christ the Son In the name of the Holy Spirit.
C: Amen… Amen
*Entrance Hymn: Make a Joyful Noise”

: “Glory to God”
* Prayer of the Day
Holy God, mighty and immortal, you are beyond our knowing, yet we see your glory in the face of Jesus Christ. Transform us into the likeness of your Son, who renewed our humanity so that we may share in

*Prayers for Peace
*Song of Praise

his divinity, Jesus Christ our Lord. who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

First Reading: Romans 12:2
*Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia”

* Gospel: Luke 10:25-37
Morning Message: Melissa Kornkven
“Gather Us In”

P 225

* Hymn: Hymn 532
*Holy Baptism
*Apostles’ Creed

* The Prayers

Presentation of the Gifts
“What Have We to Offer”
* Offertory: 1,3
* Prayer
P: God of all creation, C: all you have made is good, and your love endures forever. You bring forth bread from the earth and fruit from the vine. Nourish us with these gifts, that we might be for the world signs of our gracious presence in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen

Distribution, “Lamb of God” Hymn 824

*Great Thanksgiving
* Words of Institution
* Lord’s Prayer

* Blessing
*Post Communion Canticle
* Post-Communion Prayer
P: We thank you, O God, that you have fed us at your banqueting table with bread and wine beyond compare, the very life of Christ for us. Send your Spirit with us now, that we may set the captive free, use your gifts to build one another up, and in everything reflect your glory revealed in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. C: Amen
* Benediction
P: The God of glory dwell in you richly, name you beloved, and shine brightly on your path; and the blessing of almighty God, the Father, the + Son, and the Holy Spirit, be upon you and remain with you always. C: Amen
“We Are Called”

* Hymn: Hymn 720
* Peace

“Make a Joyful Noise” Liturgy by Ray Makeever, ©1982. Reprinted by permission from Mr. Makeever. Alternate Worship Texts from Sundays and Seasons, copyright © 2018 Augsburg Fortress.

WELCOME TO WORSHIP! Personal hearing devices are available from the ushers. Please sign a worship/communion card. (Take one from the pew rack.)
ACTIVITY BAGS (paper, toys, etc.) are to enjoy and return.
COLORED ENVELOPES are for kids offering in our kid’s church.
COMMUNION PRACTICE at Bethany: We offer bread or gluten-free wafers and either wine or white grape juice. All the baptized are welcome at the Lord’s Table. If you are a guest and commune in your home church, we invite you to share in the Lord’s Supper with us. If you do not yet commune, please come forward to receive a blessing.
PRAYER CONCERNS: Lenhart Mindt, Arlin Pedersen, Janet Preskey Larry Walter, Vicki Amon, Jeff Price, Terry Price, Janice Klimpel, Ashley Otto, Amy Towery, Leonard Pedersen, Becky Hill, Raneena Maskey, LJ Wells. Secretaries, Bankers and Actuaries

Bethany’s website: bethanylutheranminot.org
BETHANY’S STREAMING: bethanylutheran.tv
PRAYER CONCERN POLICY: Names will be carried for up to two months. After two months, you may call to re-enroll a name for another two months.
CAUSE OF THE MONTH: Our cause of the month is mission support for The Sanctuary. Please use the global mission envelope in your offering box to support this cause.
DEVOTIONAL BOOKLETS are available in the narthex for April, May, June.
Bulletin & Newsletter Deadlines: The deadline for input and articles in the Messenger newsletter is the 20th of each month, unless otherwise noted. The deadline for bulletin items is 4:00pm on Wednesdays for that following weekend. Thank you!

Alzheimers support group meets the 2nd Monday of the month at Vincent United Methodist Church, 1024 2nd St SE at 7pm. All are welcome.
Blood Pressure Checks will be done the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Bethany Lutheran Foundation
To benefit the ministry of
Bethany Lutheran Church
now and to sustain it for
future generations
Leia Jean Feldner is being baptized today!
She is the Daughter of Clay & Beth Feldner. Leia was born on September 5, 2018. Her sponsors are Emily Ryan & Colton Ryan.
Faithful Christians – Expressing Thanks
Coordinator Mark Grunewald, Brian Messmer
Altar (8:30)
Ushers (8:30) Brian Mathson
Greeters (8:30) Rosie Tollefson
(10:30) Geraldine Peterson, Chase Lee, Kyle Latendresse
Lector (8:30)
(10:30) John Nilsen
Communion Assistants (8:30) Judy Mathson, Dave Myers
(10:30) Claire Larson
Altar (9:30)
Coffee Hour Treats Ida Latendresse
Altar Guild LuAnn Roise, Mary Jordahl


If you Amazon, PLEASE consider using amazon.smile.com This is a secure website that is a part of Amazon but donates 0.5% of your purchase back to Bethany Lutheran Church. The link is on our Bethany Facebook page or enter the link:


Blood Pressure check for March will be on March 31st

TODAY 8:30am Worship/Metigoshe
9:30am Fellowship 9:30am Coordinating Council
10:30am Worship/Metigoshe
WED 9:00am Sewing
9:30am Staff Meeting
12:00pm Ash Wed Worship
4:45pm Carol Choir
5:00pm Supper
5:15pm Chapel Choir
5:45pm Confirmation/Church School
6:00pm Adult Forum
6:45pm Worship - Lent
7:15pm LYO: Top Shephard Practice
7:30pm Sanctuary Choir
THURS 8:30am Metigoshe Ministries
9:00am Coffee with the Boys-Bethany
9:30am Turtle Mountain Gathering
SAT 7:15am Breakfast with Boys
SUN 8:30am Worship
9:30am Fellowship 9:30am Sunday Morning Circle
9:30am Bible Study for Dummies
10:30am Worship

Thank you to all who took quilt tops home to sew. The box was emptied! (But there are more now!). This kind of cooperation is what keeps us going and God’s work gets done. Thanks again and keep sewing! Sue Taft

Plans underway for a Spring Adult Bible Study.
Once again plans are underway to have an evening Bible study for Men & Women. Because we are focused upon the Book of Luke this year for our Sunday lessons this year’s study will be an overview of Luke. To whom was this book written and why did God choose Luke to share the story in his unique way? How does his writings differ from the other Gospels and in what ways are they similar? We will be meeting four times at 7:00pm, Tuesday evenings. Meeting dates will be March 12 & 19th and in April on the 2nd and 9th. If you would like to be part of this study please call the office and then stop by and pickup an introductory paper to review before March 12th.

Card Making Workshop
March 23, 2019
10:00am until done!
Adults and Children ages 10 and up.
Cost is $10.00 per person
Please contact the office to sign up!

Christ Lutheran Swedish Meatball Dinner
With Our Famous Rice Pudding!
Sunday, March 3, 10:30am to 2:30pm
Take out available!
April 3 Silent Auction Begins
April 7 Carnival Sunday 10:30 AM
All Ages (3-yr Old - 5
th Grade) Sing at Worship, Carnival Games, Silent Auction Ends, LYO Serving Lunch.
Please bring donations to the office for the
silent auction!

Save the Date:
African Children's Choir
March 31
st at 8:30am & 10:30am
Everyone is welcome!
If you would like to help with concerts please contact.
Mary Carlson at 701-720-1454!

March 10th there will be a free will offering to assist with the cost of health care kits.
March is Health Care Month.
Congregational Meeting – March 10
Bethany Lutheran Church has the opportunity to host a Preschool program in our facility. The Church Council has done extensive research regarding building use policies, consulted with our insurance people, reviewed contracts from other local preschools, and consulted with our synod attorney. They are endorsing the concept of opening Bethany up to an arrangement with a preschool provider. They invite the congregation to come to a special congregational meeting on Sunday, March 10, at 9:30 AM in order to decide whether to approve this new venture and mission outreach opportunity for Bethany.

Save the Date:
Mystery Bus Trip: August 29, 30, 31 2019!
More Information to come!
Open to only Bethany Members until May 15.


Daylight Saving Time Starts March 10