215 3rd Ave SE, MINOT, ND, 58701
Pastors: Janet Hernes Mathistad & Gerald Roise
Organist: Deacon Kari Files, Pastor Intern David Myers

Pentecost 22

November 10, 2019

* Standing, for those who are able

Don Lee, Jonelle & Rick Watson (8:30),
Soloist- Cheryl Nilsen Sanctuary Choir
Welcome & Announcements
* Confession and Forgiveness
P: Blessed be the holy Trinity, one God, Father, + Son, and Holy Spirit, the strength of our ancestors, the host of this meal, the builder of the city that is to come. C: Amen
P: If we have died with Christ, we will also live with Christ. Let us confess our sin to the one who is faithful.
Silence is kept for reflection.
P: God our helper, C: we confess the many ways we have failed to live as your disciples. We have not finished what we began. We have feasted with friends but ignored strangers. We have been captivated by our possessions. Lift our burdens, gracious God. Refresh our hearts and forgive our sin. Raise us to the new life you have chosen for us in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen
P: There is rejoicing in heaven when sinners repent. Put your trust in these promises: God will never leave you or forsake you. You who were lost have been found. For the sake of + Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven. Rejoice with the angels at this good news
C: Amen


“Shall We Gather…”

* Hymn:

Hymn 423


: “How Great Thou Art”

p. 120

*Hymn of Praise

Hymn 856 (1&4)

* Prayer of the Day

O God, our eternal redeemer, by the presence of your Spirit you renew and direct our hearts. Keep always in our mind the end of all things and the day of judgment. Inspire us for a holy life here, and bring us to the joy of the resurrection, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen


First Reading: Job 19:23-27a
Bellievers Bell Choir (10:30)
Psalm 17:1-9

Second Reading: 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17
*Gospel Acclamation:
Alleluia” p. 124

* Gospel: Luke 20:27-38

morning message:
Pastor Gerald

“I’ll Fly Away…”

* Hymn:

*Apostles’ Creed (8:30)
*Baptism (10:30)

p. 123

* The Prayers

*a time of commitment




“Softly and Tenderly”
* Offertory:

Hymn 608

* Prayer
P: God our provider, C: we bring nothing into this world and we can take nothing out of it. Accept the gifts you have first given us, which we bring to your table, and with them the offering of our lives. Nourish us now with the life that really is life, revealed to us in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen

Distribution, “Lamb of God” (p. 135)

*Great Thanksgiving

p. 129


p. 130

* Words of Institution

* Lord’s Prayer

p. 134

Anthem, Hymn “The King is Coming”

* Blessing

* Post-Communion Prayer
P: God of blessing, at this table we have seen you face to face, and in the gift of Christ’s body and blood, our hearts have been refreshed. Send us now to shine with your goodness and bear witness to the one we have received: Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. C: Amen


* Benediction
P: Guard the good treasure entrusted to you, with the help of the Holy Spirit living in us. Almighty God, Father, + Son, and Holy Spirit, bless you with grace, mercy, and peace, now and forever. C: Amen

“He Touched Me….”
* Hymn:


Alternate Worship Texts from Sundays and Seasons, copyright © 2018 Augsburg Fortress.
WELCOME TO WORSHIP! Personal hearing devices are available from the ushers. Please sign a worship/communion card. (Take one from the pew rack.)
COLORED ENVELOPES are for kids offering in our kid’s church.
COMMUNION PRACTICE at Bethany: We offer bread or gluten-free wafers and either wine or white grape juice. All the baptized are welcome at the Lord’s Table. If you are a guest and commune in your home church, we invite you to share in the Lord’s Supper with us. If you do not yet commune, please come forward to receive a blessing.
PRAYER CONCERNS Lenhart Mindt, Janice Klimpel, Rhonda Willenbring, Donna Erickson, Sue Stewart, Betty Nieman, Terry Price, Jeff Price, Ione Coday, Don Funke, Terry Stevick, Jo Vannett, Larry Schoenwald, Marlene Pankow, Brad Ness, Brian Amundson, Larry Walter
Trinity: Alyce Selfors, Vicki Amon, John Stip
City, State, and Federal Employees

are available in the narthex for October, November and December.

ACTIVITY BAGS (paper, toys, etc.) are to enjoy and return.
Blood Pressure Checks will be done the 3rd Sunday of the month.
PRAYER CONCERN POLICY: Names will be carried for up to two months. After two months, you may call to re-enroll a name for another two months
CAUSE OF THE MONTH: Our cause of the month is mission support for World Hunger. Please use the global mission envelope in your offering box to support this cause.
Bethany’s website:
Bulletin & Newsletter Deadlines: The deadline for input and articles in the Messenger newsletter is the 20th of each month, unless otherwise noted. The deadline for bulletin items is 2:00pm on Wednesdays for that following weekend. Thank you!
Please save upc bar code labels from your purchases of Our Family Brand Products. The Lord’s Cupboard food pantry gets five cents per label. There is a container for collection in the narthex

Bethany Lutheran Foundation
To benefit the ministry of
Bethany Lutheran Church
now and to sustain it for
future generations

Please save upc bar code labels from your purchases of Our Family Brand Products. The Lord’s Cupboard food pantry gets five cents per label. There is a container for collection in the narthex.

We will be sewing on Dec 11th and not on Dec 4th! Thank you!

TODAY 8:30 am Worship
9:30 am Fellowship
9:30am Sunday Morning Circle
9:45am Bible Study for Dummies
10:30am Worship/Baptism
MON 8:30pm Making Lefse
TUES 2:00pm Ruth Circle
WED 9:30 am Staff Meeting
4:45pm Carol Choir
5:00pm Supper
5:15pm Chapel Choir
5:45pm Confirmation/ Church
6:00pm Adult Forum
6:45 pm Worship
7:15pm LYO Dancing with Jake
7:30pm Sanctuary Choir
7:30pm Council Meeting
THURS 9:00 am Coffee Boys at Bethany
10:30am Soup Kitchen
2:00am Miriam Circle
SAT 7:15am Breakfast Boys at Bethany
4:00pm Wedding Miller/Tafelmeyer
SUN 8:30 am Worship
9:30 am Fellowship 9:30am Friends Thru Faith
10:30am Worship

Bethany’s Thank Offering Sunday is November 17th. This service is an opportunity for women to celebrate and continue their commitment to the ministries of the BLCW. The women will also be serving between the services!!

Karen Davidson
“Through the Years”
Exhibition Dates Nov 5-23
Artspace Suite 1 Gallery
3 Main St S Suite 1

Faithful Christians – Expressing Thanks
Coordinator (8:30) Brenda Cook (10:30) Tim Reiten
Altar (8:30) Don & Joyce Anderson
Ushers (8:30) Larry & Sharyl Roth
(10:30) Genhard Holen, Duane Olson
Greeters (8:30) LuAnn Roise
(10:30) Al & Sandy Hanson
Lector (8:30) David Alvin
(10:30) John Nilsen
Communion Assistants (8:30)
Coffee Hour Treats Panera
Altar Guild Sharon Guderjahn, Roberta Larson

Please put magazines for train station in the new baskets under the pew by the elevator. No magazines over 6 months old and no catalogs!

Ministry of Care is planning to take cookies to the Ward County Jail for the inmates and staff on November 23. If you would like to donate 2-3 dozen cookies, will you please have them at the church on Friday, November 22nd? You can call 720-1454 or the Church Office to let us know you are bringing cookies. This "love your neighbor" project has been so appreciated.

remember as you begin your fall cleaning, that the BLCW will be hosting their annual spring rummage sale at Bethany on
May 2
nd, 2020. Your unwanted items are another’s treasure!

December 7th is the Saturday for our annual Lutefisk dinner!! We will be looking for workers to help out and make it another successful year.

We will be rolling Lefse on Monday November 11th at 8:30am. All are welcome to come and help!

Bake Sale: It’s time to make plans to participate in the bake sale that’s held in conjunction with the Lutefisk Dinner on December 7th. Anything that you bake and bring is appreciated. Please bring your baked items either on Friday Dec 6th or Saturday morning Dec 7th.

This Sunday, Nov. 10, is Stewardship Sunday You will have the opportunity to fill out your “Estimate of Giving” cards for 2020.  This is very helpful to our church council as they begin the budget planning process for this coming year.  As always, we welcome any of you to consider our automated giving plan.  This allows your monthly contributions to be drawn directly from a savings or checking account, and saves you the trouble of remembering to write out a check.  Check with the church office for information on how to sign up for this.

Minot Area Homeless Coalition
Silent Auction- The Grand 1505 N Broadway
Saturday, Nov. 30th
Celebrity Memorabilia, Gift Certificates, Children’s Packages, Holiday Baskets, Local Art, Quilts and more.
The Brass Band of Minot presents:
"Holiday Esprit"
Featuring a variety of music including pieces based on Renaissance and Spanish dance music, a tribute to the United States Marine Corps to celebrate its 244th birthday, and Christmas music including “Winter Wonderland” and a selection from Handel’s “Messiah.”
Sunday, November 10, 2019
4:00 pm
Ann Nicole Nelson Auditorium, Minot State University (elevator on East entrance of building)

Miles Anthony Nilsen is being baptized today!

He is the Son of Jared & Lisa Nilsen. Miles was born on June 25, 2018. His sponsors are Ashley Nilsen, Howard & Dana Olson, Cory & April Foth, Tessa Fitterer & Travis Poinler.

Holiday Train
December 15, 2019